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More Than An Accountant

If you were asked to describe your ideal firm of accountants, what would you say? 

Chances are, you’ve never given this question a great deal of thought! The world of accountants and accountancy may not set your pulse racing but at Cognitor, we believe differently.

Yes, as Chartered Certified Accountants we are experts at ‘crunching the numbers’, but we also believe businesses deserve more from their firm of accountants. In short, we tailor our business to suit your business, meaning you will always receive the kind of service you actually need in a way that suits your set up.

That’s why we don’t just offer a traditional range of accountancy services. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, improve your wealth or plan for your retirement, we can help. And, as accountants, we’ll still crunch your numbers!

Do you want to:

  • Have a business that is more enjoyable
  • Have a business that is more profitable
  • Pay less tax
  • Plan you exit strategy and minimise you IHT liability

If so come and talk to us and you will be delighted with our no nonsense approach Yes, we are accountants. But we’re also real people, living in the real world, who speak about accountancy in plain English. We help individuals and businesses with real problems by offering real solutions.

You can pick up the phone to us at any time and know you will be given straight answers and helpful advice. No jargon, no fuss just real results.

After all, any decent accountant can produce a good set of accounts. But very few have the skills to create a relationship where the client really sees their accountant as a true asset to their business.