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Invitation to attend BCMS seminar

Invitation to attend BCMS seminar

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Invitation to attend a BCMS seminar - as recommended by us!

It is common for us to speak to clients who are thinking about selling their business. For some of you it will be something imminent, and for many others it might simply be something you are working into your future plans. 

It may have crossed your mind to sell up for many reasons...

The business may require investment, need a fresh impetus or may have become more about managing people than being entrepreneurial. You may have more personal reasons - retirement, the business may not suit your lifestyle anymore, or you may have a desire to do something completely new.

If you have ever considered selling your business, now could be the right time to consult with the UK's leading advisor.

BCMS is a UK market leaser in the sale of privately owned business and has sold over 500 companies in the last decade. We are active in over 20 sectors, and deliver a proven, value-added service to all our clients. 

BCMS have extended an invite to any of our clients who may wish to attend a free morning seminar on 14th September 2016. The event is free and without obligation and will be held at the Moor Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield. You will come away with a better understanding of the business sale process, whether that is in your future plans or a more immediate consideration.

As your accountant, we work in partnership with BCMS and have found them to be experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated M&A advisors. We know that contemplating the sale of your business is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Understandably you will want the best possible outcome for all the work and investment you have put into the business.

We are confident that you will find BCMS to be a competent and effective company and will benefit significantly from the seminar. The practical principles you will take away from this inspiring half day will help you understand valuation, and saleability. You will take away valuable information on the key steps needed to undertake a successful sale, whenever you decide to sell.

If you would like to book on to the seminar please email Sarah Peate on and she will ensure your booking is made. 

Seminar Itinerary

9.00am: Registration and refreshments
9.30am: Introduction

Why do so many companies fail to sell?
 The flaws in traditional valuation methods
 8 critical issues that are consistently neglected
 Why you should look overseas for a buyer
 The unique BCMS approach - generating choice
 Raising value through a competitive process
 11 key steps in the sale process

Preparing to sell
 Planning early in the process
 The impact of good documentation
 Handling confidentiality
 Another key to ensuring the best price
 Groom the business – Do’s and Don’ts

 Valuing a company
 The fundamental flaws in traditional thinking
 The importance of future potential
 What motivates a buyer to pay a higher price


The 11 steps to a successful sale including:

The project brief
 Understanding your own business
 Essential elements of the brief
 Profiling the ideal buyer

Locating potential buyers
 Don’t compromise
 How to find potential buyers
 The importance of looking overseas
 How many potential buyers you need

Initial contact
 How to establish high levels of interest
 Introducing the opportunity
 Maintaining confidentiality
 The proposal documentation
 How to establish a choice of potential buyers

Negotiating the deal
 How to use a choice of potential buyers
 How to handle vital first meetings
 Not discussing price too early
 How to avoid common pitfalls
 How to negotiate the best price and terms

Concluding the deal
 The ongoing value of a choice of buyers
 Maintaining interest and creating urgency



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