BlogSeminar Attendees Estimate We Could Get Them An Extra £2.8 million

Seminar Attendees Estimate We Could Get Them An Extra £2.8 million

Seminar Attendees Estimate We Could Get Them An Extra £2.8 million

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... and that's on average!!! Some estimated figures as high as £4 million!

So how much could our ideas help you get??

During the seminar, which we held last month, our guest speaker Steve Pipe (one of top rated UK business speakers) explained to attendees how one small business got an extra £2.2 million in their business and personal bank accounts - and how the businesses in the room could do something similar. 

The seminar focused on the simple yet powerful things most businesses overlook, including: 

  • Key ways to strengthen your cash flow sustainably by generating more (and more profitable) sales
  • The main factors you must take into account to prevent your margins and cash flow being decimated
  • An incredibly simple action that guarantees you get paid in full, on time, every time
  • 6 frequently overlooked ways to squeeze every last ounce of concession, relief and benefit from the tax system.
  • Essential steps to having your finger firmly on the pulse of the key numbers in your business so that you can control costs, make better decisions and take corrective action before it is too late
  • And much more...

If you didn't make it to the seminar, don't worry! So that you don't miss out on your equivalent of that £2.2 million - and remember, some attendees estimated much higher figures - we are offering our clients and non-clients the opportunity to have a preliminary diagnostic review carried out. In your meeting to explain the recommendations, you will see how much extra cash it might be possible to put in your business and personal bank accounts.

If you want to explore this further, please contact Mark Warman on or call the office on 01527 836 836.