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The Easy Way To Deal With Auto Enrolment

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… and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there?

If you employ people, Auto Enrolment affects you!

Most of you will have heard of Auto Enrolment (AE) and many business owners think that it is “something to do with pensions”. If only it were that simple. AE is actually not so much about pensions but more about administration – an administrative burden that is about to hit your business, cost you money and provide you with lots of headaches!

AE is another example of the Government passing on their administration costs to businesses (large and small) and it comes with hefty penalties for failing to comply.

To find out how AE affects your business and what you can do about it come to our FREE seminar which will cover:

  • How to keep the cost of AE down to a minimum
  • How to avoid costly penalties
  • What to do when it all seems just too confusing
  • How to give your employees extra valuable benefits free of charge
  • The easy way to deal with AE

This seminar isn’t about how to operate AE – that would require several days (the Pensions Regulator guidance notes run to 550 pages!). What it is about is how AE affects your business and what you can do about it to minimise its impact.

Although the impact of AE won’t hit many businesses until 2016 you need to start preparing and planning NOW.

Come along to our FREE seminar. An investment of just a couple of hours of your time could save you a lot of hassle, stress and headaches.

When: Thursday 25th June 2015 from 9.00am until 11.00am
Where: The Hilton Hotel, Bromsgrove

To book your place - click HERE to visit our eventbrite page.

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