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Top 5 Reasons to subscribe to our Tax Investigation Service

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Top 5 Reasons for subscribing to  our  Tax Investigation Service

  1. Anyone who submits a tax return is at risk of an HMRC investigation.
  2. You could be investigated at random, at any time - even if you’ve done nothing wrong.
  3. The additional stress and cost of an investigation can be considerable.
  4. HMRC are stepping up their efforts, dedicating more resources to investigating individuals and businesses.
  5. HMRC have a powerful new IT tool called CONNECT, which puts you at greater risk than ever before.

What happens if you don’t protect  your business?

HMRC can investigate anyone at random at any time. If you’re not protected, the costs of a tax investigation can go into thousands of pounds and last months.

Dealing with a tax investigation isn’t included in our normal costs, so it pays to act now and safeguard your business against the cost and stress of a tax investigation.

Act now to protect your business

As your accountants, we want to make sure you’re safe, secure and protected in every possible way. That’s why we strongly recommend you take advantage of our Tax Investigation Service.

For more information, click below to visit the Tax Investigations page of our website, which will direct you to our dedicated micro-site giving you all the information you will need....


Cognitor | Tax Investigation Service

Cognitor are chartered certified accountants experienced with handling HMRX tax investigations via our affordable service which saves you thousands. Call 01527 836 836 today.

To join up now please contact Sarah Peate directly via email on or telephone on 01527 836 836. It’s one small thing you can do today that could make a big difference to your future.