BlogWhat is Effective Legacy Planning?

What is Effective Legacy Planning?

What is Effective Legacy Planning?

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Planning, Protection, Choice & Certainty

It’s about getting good advice, considering everything that could affect your wishes and being aware of all of your options, so that you can make your own informed choice.


And you can put in place an Effective Legacy Plan with the help of our in house Barrister Intermediary!

Our Barrister Intermediary is Sarah Peate. She is registered with the Legal Services Guild (LSG) and has successfully completed the LSG’s legacy planning examinations and programme of accreditation. Sarah is fully insured to dicsuss the legacy planning requirements of our clients. Supported by a team of Barristers and Accountants with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Estate and Legacy Planning, Sarah will follow a highly prescribed process to ensure that our clients achieve the protection and certainty they require, so that they can be sure that the ones they care for most will not lose out.


What you can expect from your Barrister Intermediary…



A professional Barrister Intermediary will collect and consider all relevant information in relation to your circumstances, the assets you own and your heirs. They will ensure you make a Legacy Plan that gives you the peace of mind that your assets will be distributed to loved ones exactly as you wish.



A Barrister Intermediary will help you to consider all those potential eventualities in life that could adversely affect you during your lifetime and those that could befall your heirs causing a loss of inheritance or, a reduction in the value of your estate.



Based on what is important to you and the level of protection you require, a Barrister Intermediary will ensure that you are aware of all Legacy Planning options and how they measure up in relation to what you want to achieve. They will also make sure you are aware of all production costs and other financial matters that could affect your estate so that you have complete knowledge and the ability to make your own informed choice.



If you instruct the Legal Services Guild to produce your Legacy Plan, it will be undertaken by an experienced Barrister and your instructions will undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure that your wishes will be met.

In addition, all Legacy Plans come complete with a Legal Expenses Insurance designed to meet the costs should any person or third party organisation challenge your Legacy Plan and lay claim to some or all of your estate.


To book a free no obligation meeting with Sarah please email her on 


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